About Me

I’m not a Guru. I’m just a regular guy making money on the Internet who started off with very little and has earned a bit of success since I began.

I know what it’s like to start off with nothing and build your way up slowly.

I remember back in 2006 while I was working my day job, I dreamed of making money on the internet. I was fascinated with the idea of working from home and making money online.

I researched the best ways for “Newbies” or someone who had never made money online before should start on their path to Making Money Online.

For me that path was eBay. I remember very clearly looking for someone to coach me on how to sell on eBay.

It was an exciting time for me because I had never done anything quite like that before.

After a week of training, I had learned how to put my first product online. I had learned how to source products, how to price them competitively and how to make my offer more appealing than my competitors.

A few days afterward I had my first sale (A Kite) of all things. However, it was a moment that I will never forget because someone that I never met before trusted me because of an add that I put on eBay, and they purchased my product!

I was hooked! I continued selling many different products on eBay for years to follow. At that point in time, I was quite content because when I first started online I just wanted to make an extra $300-$500 a month.

However, as time passed and things began to change on eBay’s platform my sales began to drop off and competition became quite fierce.

I was a family man with a day job and both came with a lot of responsibility, so I did what many of us do, I started looking for ways to automate my efforts so that I did not have to spend so much time on my computer, but still be able to keep my online dream going.

That worked for a while to be quite honest because I came across a product developer who created a software that could make a complete WordPress website filled with eBay products in a few minutes!

I thought, WOW! I have to have that! So, I bought it and I began making one website after another. Before long I began making money from the sites I was putting online.

AT the time, I was thinking this is GREAT! However, not long after that, I learned a very valuable lesson. You see, I did not know anything about link tracking or understanding where my buyers came from.

You may wonder why that is important, well one day much to my surprise I checked my account balance and in a weeks time, I had made $800. Wonderful, right? Well, yes and no, yes because I had made $800, but because I did not track my links I had no idea where those sales came from.

I had about 14 different websites and I had no clue which site produced the revenue. I had joined the eBay Partner Network as an affiliate but I did not have any idea on how to follow up to make more sales.

I don’t know if they had link tracking capability back then, and if they did I knew nothing about it. So, long story short, I was never able to replicate those types of sales again.

I continued building more sites with the hope of having more $800 weeks. Sad to say that did not happen. I was throwing money at all the new shiny objects that were supposed to be one click wonders or push button easy ways to make more money online.

Then, one day something happened that I never expected, all of my websites were de-indexed by Google. Many of the sites like mine that were making money on a regular basis monthly were cut off (so to speak) by Google in one fell swoop.

Our sites were no longer deemed worthy or they did not hold any value to Google as far as their clients were concerned.

I did not have an email list, I did not know the names of individuals who had purchased items through my affiliate link, so I was no longer making any money.

At that point, I thought about giving up and just focusing more on my day job. Some time went by and just like everyone else in the world I had my “Life Happens” moments.

I will not bore you with the details, but in short:

  1. I had three brothers and one sister. My closest brother died from congestive heart failure
  2. I went through a very tough divorce
  3. A year later I lost My stepmother (My mother died in a horrible car accident when I was 3 years old)
  4. My oldest brother and my Father were both ill and in the hospital at the time of my step mother’s death, so I had to move from California back to Texas to look after them.
  5. My Father and brother both passed not long after I moved back to Texas
  6. I moved back to California
  7. I got married to my wife at present (And we have two sons)

There are a whole lot of other “Life Happens” moments that I could add to that list, but it would take up the whole page.

After settling back into family life and a job, that old feeling of working from home and making money online began to resurface inside of me.

I was no longer interested in eBay but Amazon was all the rave. I did not want to learn how to sell on a new platform but I jumped in anyway.

I quickly learned about Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) and I loved it! No more going to the post office with eBay products (WooHoo!)

At first, my wife and I started with online arbitrage between eBay and Amazon. We did ok with that method for a while but then the profit margins kept getting smaller and smaller to the point where it was not profitable for us.

Then we started purchasing liquidated products by the pallet and then shipping the inventory to Amazon so that they could take care of the shipping and handling for us.

We loved this way of making money online, but we had to be careful when purchasing merchandise like this because sometimes the products may be damaged when they were shipped to us or some of the items may be past their expiration date if they were food items or supplements.

Later we decided to look into sorting products from China via Ali Baba. We gave this method a try as well and we did ok but it was not yielding the results we hoped for because the competition was tough and from time to time we found ourselves competing with Amazon and that was a no-win situation.

I went on to build affiliate websites afterward, that included Amazon and other affiliate companies for income. I still have three online. One is a dog website, another is a travel website and the last is a baby website. My main source of income from these sites is Amazon and AdSense from Google.

After trying this for a while I told my wife that I wanted to move in a different direction online. I told her that was interested in digital products and Internet Marketing and making money online with an email list.

She said, “If that is what you really want to do Go For It!” That is what I love most about my wife, she supports me in everything I want to do online.

So, just like with eBay I knew if I wanted to be successful in Internet Marketing I needed a coach.

I have since then gone through many coaches, some you may be familiar with others you may not.

To name a few of the coaching programs and boot camps that I have attended or am a part of, take a look at the list below:

  1. Anik Singal – I attended Aniks Training Bootcamp in Washington D.C. (Lurn Masters)
  2. Jeff Lenney – Jeff is a well known SEO Guru in the I.M. Niche, Jeff was a part of the Bootcamp in D.C.
  3. Brendan Mace – He also has a coaching program online Project Profit Academy of which I am a member (A big Guru in the I.M. space)
  4. Jono Armstrong – He is also a coach of Project Profit Academy (Also a big Guru in the I.M. space)
  5. Brett Rutecky – He has a coaching program online Affiliate Income Lifestyle (Also a big Guru in the I.M. space)
  6. Mike From Maine – He has a coaching program online Affiliate Income Lifestyle (Also a big Guru in the I.M. space)
  7. James Francis – James is from the U.K. and he has a Zero To $10k Coaching Program which trains you how to make $10,000 a month online

I mention that I have been to or am a part of these programs not to brag, but to show you that I am someone who likes to learn from the best in the business that I want to be a part of. Then I can help others to become successful in their journey online.

Keith and Anik Singal

Keith and Jeff Lenney

Keith At Lurn Masters Boot Camp with Anik Singal

Here are a couple of failed bloopers from me and my wife. We just want to show you that we are just ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things. We enjoy what we do and we always try to have fun while doing so. Try not to laugh too hard when you see how horrible we were when we shot these “Amature” videos for my email campaigns. (Enjoy!)

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